Professional Makeup Tips

Professional Makeup Tips

Most women want to look their best using professional makeup tips, and in this fast paced, beauty conscious society, having an easy and great looking makeup regiment can make all the difference in the world. The right make up can make the difference in how polished a woman’s makeup looks. Makeup overall is simply meant to enhance a woman’s natural facial features and bone structure. While some woman spend a lot of time trying to create a whole new image through makeup, normal makeup routines are meant to enhance not re –create a woman’s face.

Makeup is best used when it enhances and beautifies the color, shape and features of a woman’s natural facial features. Certainly, makeup can work well to cover blemishes, but overall the purpose of makeup is to beautify, not significantly alter a woman’s appearance.

Not all women can afford to have their makeup done professionally on a regular basis. However, most women would like to find ways to follow a professional cosmetologist’s advice to bring out the best in their facial features. This is where looking for a set of professional makeup tips can be of great assistance in learning how to bring about the best makeup appearance possible.

Top 3 Tips to Remember

Tip 1

When looking for the best professional makeup tips for application of makeup, there are some great standards to follow. Cosmetologists have a guide they use in their line of work to help them to enhance a person’s facial structure. These are a set of standard professional makeup tips that all professional makeup artist use in their work. These are basic easy to use professional makeup tips that can be used for at home makeup application on a day to day basis.

The first set of professional makeup tips to follow is to understand and analyze your skin type before purchasing any makeup. Some skin is more oily than others. In this case, the skin needs an oil-free makeup so that the pores do not get clogged with additional oils which can cause acne. Other skin types include those skin types which tend to be drier. In these circumstances, improper makeup types can cause caking on the skin and the makeup will look splotched. Therefore a moisturizing makeup is important to help keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. Another skin type that can cause great concern is allergenic. This type of skin is highly sensitive to makeup and can tend to have allergic reactions to many types of makeup. This may include even the higher priced more exclusive brands. In this case getting hypoallergenic makeup is essential to keep the skin from adversely reacting to the makeup. Hypoallergenic makeup is usually dermatologist tested to assure that it is hypoallergenic and is noted on the makeup.

Once the skin type is assessed, the next phase of professional makeup tips involves finding the proper foundation color for the skin. Some people attempt to put on a foundation that is lighter or darker than their own natural skin color. This usually proves to be disastrous as far as appearance is concerned. In these cases, the skin of the face looks fake and the difference in the skin color over the rest of the exposed body such as: the hands, neck etc, shows a distinctly profound difference in tone. This is immediately recognizable to most people and does not show well overall. Professional makeup tips always entail notations about making sure the makeup color matches the skin tone properly. The foundation color can be slightly darker or lighter than a person’s natural skin tone, but it should not be more than one shade lighter or darker or it becomes too noticeable. Before going on to tip 2 & 3 check out how to do some real cool eye makeup for advice for cute vs. beauty artisits that have some great work with cool eye makeup

Tip 2

The next phase of professional makeup tips involves finding a proper blush tone. The same theory applies to blush as it does to foundation. Having a blush that is too dark or too light for a person’s skin tone is not recommended. Most professional makeup tips suggest that for darker skin tones, blush should be a port wine or rose color. In contrast professional makeup tips for fairer skin tones suggest that peach colored or pink blushes be used. Certainly, in the fall and winter months people who live in cooler climates can buy a blush that is one shade darker to make the coloring more pronounced. However, most professional makeup tips are clear in stating that two shades darker or more can often give the appearance of the “Clown” face or the “porcelain doll” face. To avoid this, the best professional makeup tips recommend the use of lighter tones for blush color if your skin is light, and darker tones of blush if your skin is darker. In addition, when it comes to blush application many women error in how much they apply. Professional make up tips suggest that blush should be applied in a small circular motion around the upper cheekbone and should not cover the whole cheek. It should start from approximately 1inch to 1 ½ inches from the side of the mouth-line up to the cheek bone and should be no more than 1 ½ inches to 2 inches in width and no more than 2½ to 3 inches in length depending on how high the cheek bone is and how long the facial structure is.

Tip 3

Other professional makeup tips include the use of eye shadows and eyeliners. Typically no matter what a person’s skin tone is, lighter eye shadows are always recommended. When it comes to professional makeup tips and cool eye makup

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color the same rule applies for eye shadow as it does for blush. Too much color makes most people look unprofessional and overdone. The best eye shadows are ones that lightly match the color of a persons clothing for that day. In regards to eyeliner, there are some basic notations here for its use. This is one area of makeup that in today’s world of everyday use is rarely a part of daily regiment. That is because most women today look for the more natural look, and the starker color tones and the use of eyeliner can make a woman look overdone. If eyeliner is used, it should be a small amount and only to enrich the focus of the eyes. The best overall professional makeup tip is to not overdo the makeup in any area. It simply takes away from a woman’s natural features and over dramatizes the face. This most often makes a woman look less attractive instead of having the desired affect of looking more polished. go for the cool eye makeup look think light not in color but in depth.

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